The Market Has Bottomed

No Housing Recovery In These Three Charts | ZeroHedge.

Of course, this is different from  a housing recovery. The MSM assumes that once something hits the bottom it starts rising again. Try telling that to Wile E. Coyote.

Housing is directly linked to the fortunes of the American worker. Once the economy starts growing again causing a drop in unemployment, upward pressure will be exerted on wages. A real, sustained rise in wages will eventually translate to higher real estate prices, a recovery. No matter what numbers you see that give you hope, there is only one way of this.

But house prices are rising? No.

But foreclosures are falling? No.

But sales have increased this month? No.

All of those numbers are easily manipulated by NAR and banks with way too many bad mortgages on their hands. Just watch the employment data, and you will be fine.


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