IF You Ever Think That Greece Could Be Saved…

Greek Parliament Speaker Hires His Daughter During His Only Day On The Job | ZeroHedge.

Vyron Polydoras held the job of Speaker for one day but managed to hire his daughter and get a €2mm bonus for is staff and the police. American politicians do stuff like this, too.

I remember when Christie Whitman resigned the governorship of New Jersey to become EPA head under Bush in 2001. The NJ constitution provided that the head of the Senate became acting governor. Since the Senate was split evenly between the two parties, they agreed to split the office serving three and a half days each. They had all their stationery printed out as souvenirs, threw parties in the governors mansion, and are entitled to the benefits of a “retired” governor. Since New Jersey was solvent at the time, no one really paid attention.

Say what you want about New Jersey politics, but  voters handily approved a referendum creating the Lieutenant Governor position so this nonsense could not happen again. Do you think the Greeks changed their laws to prevent politicians taking advantage of one day posts? Do you think they can?


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