Be Fair to the Germans

On Using World War 2 Flashbacks To Shame Germany Into Perpetual Bail Outs | ZeroHedge.

It is true that Germany has a particularly shameful past. The country has taken steps to atone for its past sins and is to be commended.

While its supposed friends and allies try to blackmail rescue funds from it based on its aggression in the first half of the century, we should remember that

  1. France, under Napoleon, subjugated the entire continent in the early 19th Century.
  2. Spain mercilessly exploited the new world and indirectly and directly caused the extinction of entire nations of Native Americans.
  3. Portugal, ditto.
  4. The Greeks have been killing people for so long that Homer wrote about it.
  5. Italy brutally ruled Europe, North Africa and the Middle East for several hundred years enslaving entire populations.
  6. Our peaceful, blond Scandinavian friends used to be Vikings raping and pillaging their way through Europe.
  7. The British exploited a colonial empire killing hundreds of thousands in various colonial wars.
  8. In the interest of fairness, I point out that my own people had legalized slavery until less than 150 years ago and killed thousands of Native American in conquering its present day territory.

Human beings have been killing each other for years. In fact, our DNA shows adaptions to permit cannibalism. We are a nasty species. If you are alive, you have blood on your hands. One of your ancestors killed his fellow man so you could be here today.

Stop blackmailing the Germans.



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