More Evidence of Dysfunctional Markets

Why Hedge Funds Hate Stocks In A World Where “Tulip Trend” Is Top Performer: Complete July Performance Summary | ZeroHedge.

I am going to stop calling the markets rigged in favor of “dysfunctional.”
“Rigged” implies a conspiracy, and the evidence does not reveal one.

The evidence tends to support the theory that the markets are not functioning correctly due to central bank action so dysfunctional it is.

This latest post is more evidence of dysfunctional markets. Theoretically, half the hedge funds should show a  gain and half a loss in comparison to the S & P. Most funds are showing a loss, and this has been the case for months.

If these funds are losing money, someone is making it at their expense. I bet the who is the TBTF banks. How is the next scandal.


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