Two Headlines

Euro Zone Shrinking Again –

I have noticed a pattern in WSJ headlines. The link on the front page has a rosy, optimistic glow, but the actual article title matches the article’s contents and reality.

In this example, the link on the front page is “Germany, France Defy Euro Gloom.” This statement is inaccurate. German GDP grew by .3% and France did not grow at all. Those pathetic growth rates show not only that Germany and France are not avoiding Euro Gloom, but that the two strongest Eurozone economies are rapidly heading towards recession.

The headline on the article page itself reads “Euro Zone Shrinking Again.” This is a more accurate statement. The zone as a whole shrank .4% year over year led by a 1.2% decline in Portugal, and a surprising 1% drop in Finland.

Two years ago when the cracks in the Eurozone began revealing themselves in Greece, Europe had the means to pay for a solution to this crisis but not the will. Now it is rapidly losing the means, too.


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