Fed Money Printing Distortions

Guest Post: We Are All Muppets Now | ZeroHedge.

If you are reading this, then you probably just read a post on ZeroHedge. If you have been following the markets since the financial crisis, you should be well-aware of the all of the issues plaguing the market right now. Large-scale money printing is keeping prices high, and this is enabling the TBTF and HFT to keep making fat profits at the expense of the rest of us.

Most people do not understand these issues, and they blindly follow the advice of others and invest in the market. They should know better, because everyone who tells you to buy stocks has an ulterior motive.

Firms make money by separating you from yours. Next time you visit your stockbroker, look at the cars in the parking lot and his watch.

Employers make money from your 401(k) plan. First, they avoid paying payroll taxes on all of the money you place in your account. Next, they collect kickbacks from the firm they select as their plan sponsor.

Even the permabull  pundits have an interest in your buying stocks. By electing to join the game, you are confirming their own worldview.

When the market inevitably crashes, the public is going to be looking for someone to blame. They should really blame themselves. All of the information you need to make informed decisions is out there to see. Woe to those who fail to heed the warnings.


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