3rd Iron Law of the Eurocrisis

The Eurocrisis will persist longer than anyone expects.

If you are thinking of wagering against the euro, PIIGS stock markets or just plain old France, consult the 3rd Iron Law first.

The politicians and the central banks they control are doing everything in their power to maintain the status quo. We have entered unprecedented territory with trillions created and placed into the world financial system by the major central banks. While this action has definitely caused the crisis to abate, there will be unintended consequences.

The eurozone has deep structural problems exacerbated by using the one-size-fits-all currency, and I would argue, the various monetary easing methods performed by the ECB since the onset of the crisis. Major economic reforms are required, but only cosmetic changes have been forthcoming so far.

Eventually, the crisis will come to a head. It could happen today or in a few years. We may know the endgame, but we simply do not know when the end of the game is.  Wager accordingly.


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