Golden Dawn can Garner Support to Rule Greece

Special Report: Greece’s far-right party goes on the offensive | Reuters.

Far left and right populist political parties generally benefit from increased support tough times. Golden Dawn’s, the Greek fascists, have gone from being a fringe party before the onset of the debt crisis to capturing 7% of the last vote to 14% support today.

Greek political analysts believe that it has the potential to increase its vote total to 30%. At that rate, it will be the largest party in the Greek Parliament and get first crack at forming a government. New Democracy, the current coalition leaders, captured just about 30% in the last vote, and a certain Nationalist Socialist part in Germany once formed a government with a mere 33% of the vote in the Reichstag.

Greece cannot pay its bills, and sooner or later, probably after German elections, the troika will cut it off. At this point, resentment in the Greek electorate will reach a fever pitch. This means that either Golden Dawn or Syriza, the communists, will win the election.

The political situation may affect the troika’s thinking on the subject, and they may choose to fund Greece even longer to forestall a fascist or communist government, but I would not count on the troika’s wallet being open forever.



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