Effects of Austerity

Malaria returns to crisis-torn Greece – Telegraph.

Malaria in Greece – Travelers’ Health – CDC.

Malaria returns as recession bites Greece – Features – Al Jazeera English.

Health Scourge Hits Greece – WSJ.com.

Malaria has not been a problem in Greece for decades, but it is making a comeback.

An austerity plan forces a government to cut the budget, but all budget line items are not created equal. You can be sure that civil servants will continue to draw paychecks and pensioners will get their monthly stipends. That leaves necessary programs with few political allies on the chopping block.

There have been demonstrations regarding public sector pay, labor rules, transit fees and pensions. There has not been one demonstration for maintaining the various anti-malarial programs, and this is the result.

The Wall Street Journal article mentions that cases of malaria have begun to abate but fails to tell the reader that malaria cases always decrease in the cooler months. The article does mention that it is likely that an immigrant working in agriculture probably brought the disease with him from his country of origin and got bitten in Greece. This mosquito spread the disease to others.

This unfortunate turn of events has occurred while the anti-immigrant, neo-fascist Golden Dawn party is gaining in the Greek polls. I am sure that they will use this news to their political advantage.




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