CDU Requires Political Cover to Disburse Aid

Schaeuble Sees Decision on Greek Aid as CDU Allies Balk – Businessweek.

The CDU is the ruling party in Germany, so it is doubtful that it will not support Schaeuble and Merkel as they attempt to keep Greece afloat.

Party members are hearing the grumblings from their constituents about throwing more money at the Greek problem, so the CDU needs to obtain political cover for approving more aid. This article outlines its strategy for doing so.

The Bundestag will not vote on the measure until it receives the troika’s final report on the Greece situation. The report will show an ongoing disaster complete with decreasing employment and economic activity and a worsening fiscal condition.

This doom and gloom will allow the CDU to sell more Greek aid by warning its constituents of a potential Greek default. By making everyone wait while it deliberates, the legislature gets to show everyone who’s the boss.



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