Recession Emboldens Far Right in Hungary

Anger as Hungary far-right leader demands lists of Jews | Reuters.

Whenever times get tough in Europe, fascism becomes more popular. There is always a far right fringe present in European politics, but these people get bolder in the face of economic difficulties.

Their favorite groups to pick on are Jews, Gypsies and Immigrants, not necessarily in that order. Hungary is feeling the effects of the Eurocrisis and loose money policies implemented by the world’s central banks.

Hungary is currently experiencing a phenomenon known as stagflation, a recession coupled with high inflation. Hungarians are witnessing the slow, steady erosion of the forint’s purchasing power.

Marton Gyongyosi, a leader of the Far Right Jobbik party, called for a list of Jews to be drawn up. It doesn’t matter what the list is for. Once you start creating lists of Jews, you have joined a very infamous club.

Gyongyosi is attempting to take advantage of a decaying economic situation by stirring up antisemitism lurking below the calm, Hungarian facade. Fortunately, the rest of Hungary condemned his actions and his words.

As Europe sinks deeper into economic malaise, watch for these far right parties to continue making inroads into the mainstream.

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