Poland Prepares 2015 Referendum on Euro Membership

Poland GDP Growth

Poland opens way to euro referendum – FT.com.

You would think that there’s gotta be a Polish joke in here somewhere, but that is not the case.

Poland has endured years of insecurity due to its precarious geographic position in the middle of Europe.  Since the end of the Cold War, Poland has been slowly coming into its own by joining the multinational organizations of the West.  A minority of Poles wish to continue the journey by joining the eurozone.

Prime Minister Tusk is gambling that this minority will grow into a majority by the time elections roll around in 2015. Basically, his actions reveal that he believes that Europe will have overcome the Eurocrisis by the time Poles go to the polls for the euro-referendum.

With Eurozone GDP continuing to decrease while more countries join the bailout dole, his gamble is either audacious or delusional.  Only time will tell which.


3 thoughts on “Poland Prepares 2015 Referendum on Euro Membership

  1. No referendum will ever be held in Poland about euro zone membership, at least not in 10-20 years. First of all, Poland already agreed to join euro zone by joining EU. Then, Poland does not match requirements right now and there is small chance that will in not too distant future. Finally, public opinion is againts accepting euro, therefore all discussion is mainly simple trash-talk.

    • The PM made a deal with the opposition to allow a Eurozone referendum in exchange for necessary constitutional amendments to allow the euro to take the place of the zloty. The FT article linked says it best.

  2. @johnnydlive

    Then you are mistaken. Such deal would be kind of breakthrough in whole debate and believe me, all media in Poland would cover it as top1 news. However, total silence right now (I’m a Poland resident, I’m supposed to notice such things). Keep believing in whatever FT posts. 🙂 As I checked minutes ago, in main polish media, no deal was made, only a suggestion about the compromise, and no statement from main anti-euro opposition was published. Still, it seems highly unlikely to close such deal.

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