Sarris Resigns


Cyprus Finance Minister Sarris Resigns After Brokering Rescue – Bloomberg.

Cyprus finance minister quits, capital controls partly eased | Reuters.

Cypriot Finance Minister Resigns –

The official reason for Mr. Sarris’ resignation is the formation of an investigative committee that will examine the collapse of Cyprus in March.  Sarris said, “I believe that in order to facilitate the work of (investigators) the right thing would be to place my resignation at the disposal of the president of the republic…”

The President graciously accepted his offer, and the question is why.  His name was not on the list of 132 depositors who were able to transfer money out of Cyprus after the bank holiday.  In his position, he had access to information that no one else had regarding the confiscation of deposits.  Will the investigation reveal that he disseminated this information to certain people so they could move their money?

Regardless of my speculation, something is amiss here.  Even the guilty do not resign so quickly without pressure.  See Jérôme Cahuzac:

Another European Politican Exposed As Complete Liar | Zero Hedge.


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