Economist first, attorney second. I enjoy critiquing the current groupthink spewing from the academics, central bankers, journalists and banksters regarding the world’s fiscal, financial and economic condition.

The groupthinkers seem to think that we are muddling through a post-Great Financial Crisis world, but we’re not. The GFC is still ongoing, albeit in a different form. Central bank intervention is causing massive distortions in all of the world’s asset markets and is merely postponing the endgame.

This stuff won’t seem so radical in a few years.


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  1. Just found your blog and since I believe we are still in the Great Recession, I will be returning to get more of your take on things.
    I know a fair bit about the “new” way of measuring inflation compared to the 80s and 90s, so what is your take on this dubious method which reduces the inflation rate by about half?
    Cheers john

  2. Awesome blog, my new favorite for sure…1 issue. I was in china last week and all WordPress sub domains are blocked. Any chance you can move to a top level domain? Best wishes, Phil

  3. Excellent research and insightful… everything the mainstream media doesn’t want you to k now. A big thank you for doing this, we need more such news sources to have more factual data analysis that normal people can believe in.

    The biggest problem is the mutual funds concept, essentially tying people’s retirement and various things that essentially keep the wallstreet funded…. If people had more say there and if they spent time reading data from sites like yours… the world will be definitely a better place.

    On a side note… It would be really interesting if you could spare some of your valuable time to blog analysis of growth patterns and contrast with the federal money injection during and after the great depression of 1929… It would probably help understand what similarities if any existed between that recovery and this one.

    P.S: Using google+ didn’t work for comments for some reason, it just waited on “Connectin g to….”, so I created a wordpress account just for this.

  4. Good pick up on Pending Sales and Tapering. Its what I was noticing, increase in mortgage rates must have scared the Fed. I’ve noticed an increase in mortgage activity post-no-tapering decision and the return to the 3.5% 15-year mortgage. I think sales will pick up again. The new unknown is the disruption that will be caused by Obamacare.

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